TOD Plan Document Updated

We have updated the Village of Bartlett Downtown TOD Plan based on comments from the final community meeting, general public, Steering Committee, and Village Staff.

Please use the link below to see a PDF of the updated Plan document:

SCB_Bartlett Downtown TOD Plan_6-13-2016

The Plan will now be reviewed by the Village of Bartlett Board of Trustees and other Village leadership committees.

4 thoughts on “TOD Plan Document Updated

  1. Well done, thorough plan. TIF will be needed to move into years 3-6. The ability to sell another TIF for downtown will depend on taking action in years 1-2 to prove commitment. Taking the recommended immediate actions will demonstrate good faith. In particular adopting a Complete Streets policy with intent to formulate an ordinance is an important first step (1.6). Creating an engaged Downtown business group (3.1, 3.5, & 1.1) and expanding the role of the Bike-Run Committee (1.2) to a larger and more frequent Bike_Ped Advisory Committee will generate wider enthusiasm for a real downtown. Prepare for increased housing opportunity (4.1, 4.2, 4.4,& 4.5)

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