Project Overview

The Village of Bartlett, with funding assistance from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), has created a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Plan for the downtown district within a ¼ mile walking distance of the existing Metra station.

TOD plans focus on downtown improvements that encourage the use of the public transit systems and identify ways to pair economic development with transportation improvements at appropriate locations. Plan strategies can include but are not limited to identifying business attraction strategies, creating a safer walking environment, encouraging active ground floor uses, expanding housing options, and increasing downtown event programming.

The planning process took place over 10 months and the final plan was complete in July of 2016.

How was the public involved?

This project included many opportunities for residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to be involved in the planning process. Downtown businesses were invited to stakeholder focus group discussions to help the planning team understand local challenges and opportunities. Additionally, three Village-wide public workshops were held to provide an opportunity for community input, sharing of ideas and feedback on planning recommendations.

More information about the outcomes of these meetings can be found on the “Documents” page of this website.

Consultant Team

The Village selected the SCB team to lead this TOD planning process and they bring extensive knowledge and experience in creating vibrant downtowns in coordination with rail stations. The team was selected through the RTA sponsored community planning program and request for proposal process. The team includes:

SCB (project management, planning and urban design)

Goodman Williams Group (market analysis)

Fish Transportation Group (transportation analysis)

What are the benefits of a TOD?

Planning for new development around the Bartlett Metra station will help expand transit ridership and attract new visitors and investment to Downtown. Locally, making transit options and the Downtown more attractive will help to bring new customers to existing businesses, as well as attract new shopping, restaurant, and employment options to the area. Regionally, the increase in transit ridership helps to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce the need for new roadways, and reduce air pollution. TOD plans promote walking and an active lifestyle, by encouraging quality streetscape and buildings in a compact layout. This consequently allows for more efficient use of land, and often requires less parking due to the potential for sharing between businesses.

Below is a summary of goals for Downtown and the TOD area:

  • Foster a greater sense of community and activity in the Downtown
  • Increase economic development throughout the Downtown
  • Expand the local tax base
  • Provide a mixed use environment, with more residential options, a variety of commercial businesses and jobs within the Village
  • Maintain and enhance the appearance of the community
  • Advance sustainability goals through promotion of a compact walkable community and promotion of energy efficient building design

Links to final TOD Plan Documents:

Bartlett Downtown TOD Plan

Appendix-1 Real Estate Market Analysis

Appendix-2 Detailed Transportation Recommendations